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We Offer Debt Review Removal, Administration Removal & Credit Report Clearance

There Are Many South Africans At This Moment In Time That Are Stuck Under Debt Review Or Administration And Have Negative Listings On Their Names For Various Reasons. We Believe That You The Consumer Has The Right To Get Your Name Cleared So That You Can Get On With Your Life.

Many People Have Been Incorrectly Advised When Applying For These Debt Relief Measures And Should Not Have Entered The Process In The First Place And Now Find Themselves In A Position Where They Cannot Get Any Credit And Their Financial Future Is Damaged And In Negative Place.

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Our Main Focus Is Getting People Who Are Stuck Under Debt Review Out. We Also Do Administration Order Removal And Credit Report Clearance.

Our Specialists Will Ensure You Get Out Of The Trap You Are Currently In

Debt Review Removal

We will do the following: Access your credit profile and assign one of debt management specialists to assess what the issues are. Discuss the issues with you and create tailored made solutions just for you. Give you a quote to start tackling your issues. Supply you with a platform to continue to monitor your credit profile so that you can finally get that dream home or car.

Debt Mediation

How debt mediation works You pay a reduced monthly installment here is no flagging of your credit profile You have complete flexibility that allows you to make extra payments, paying off your debt faster.

Removal Of Default Listings And Judgements

How it works Your credit report is extracted Our credit repair experts will discuss with you all of your negative listings and the possible causes. Arrears on accounts and defaults will need to be brought up to date, if not done so already. Upon this been done we can negotiate with your credit providers to remove the listings and update your credit records.

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We Offer a Comprehensive Service for Debt Review and Administration Removal Along with Credit Report Clearance


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