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Our main focus is getting people who are stuck under Debt Review Out.  We also do Administration Order Removal and Credit Report Clearance.

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We Offer Debt Review
Removal, Administration
Removal & Credit Report

There are many South Africans at this moment in time that are stuck under Debt Review or Administration and have negative listings on their names for various reasons. We believe that you the consumer has the right to get your name cleared so that you can get on with your life.
Many people have been incorrectly advised when applying for these Debt Relief measures and should not have entered the process in the first place and now find themselves in a position where they cannot get any credit and their financial future is damaged and in negative place.

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Debt Review/Debt Counselling Removal

Our Specialists will ensure you get out of the trap you
are currently in


“I was put under debt review by a company that called
me to do an assessment and was unable to get out.
Luckily Get Me Out was able to assist me and clear my
name. Great service thank you guys!” – John Ferreira.

S.A’s Best Debt Review
Removal Services

You are in the hands of the most experienced experts in this field with over 30 years experience in
enforcing the rights of consumers. Let the professionals deal with your matter.
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What We Do for You

The first step in the Debt review removal process is we need toassess your situation and find out where in the process you leftoff, was there a court order granted, was there just a 17.2 sent by your debt counsellor or was nothing sent at all. You will need to fill in our application form and attach the relevant documents required. We will assist you every step of the way as we understand that you might not be able to access the documents you require or get assistance from your Debt Counsellor.

Debt Review Removal

We handle the following…

  • We contact the Debt counsellor and get the information required.
  • We negotiate with them on your behalf regarding fees owed if any.
  • We launch the relevant application to have you Declared not over indebted.
  • We get the flagged status removed so you can start a new life.

Administration Removal

There are many people who do not even know who the administrator is dealing with their matter, this proves to be challenging in many instances. We will assist in finding who the administrator is and deal with the matter accordingly.

We handle the following…

  • We contact the Administrator and get the information required.
  • We negotiate with them on your behalf regarding fees owed if any.
  • We launch the relevant application to have your name cleared.
  • We get the flagged status removed so you can start a new life.

Credit Report Clearance

There are many adverse listings that can be listed on your credit report and therefore the first step is to draw the credit report and understand what your issues are and then how they can be dealt with.

We will do the following…

  • Draw your credit report and assess what the issues are.
  • Supply you with a report on what the issues are and how we can tackle them.
  • Give you a quote to rectify the issues.
  • Give you a platform to continue to monitor your credit status and reports so you can make informed decision.

reasonable FEES

You Don’t Have to Spend a
Fortune to Be in Good

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“I applied for Debt review and started paying, I then got a promotion and tried to exit
Debt Review but the debt counsellor refused to help me, Luckily my friend told me about
Get Me Out who looked into my problem and gave me solutions. I can now get on with my life.”



Common Questions

It is dependent on where in the process you were when you stopped participating in the Debt Review process. It also depends on the courts availability to have the matter set down. We will analyse your unique situation and advise you accordingly.

Unfortunately there are many companies that promise a quick fix, however we have seen that they are not proper solutions and you the consumer lands up having wasted money without a solution. Nothing worth achieving is reached immediately. We believe in doing it properly.


There are many reasons why you no longer need to be under debt review and we can assist you with an affordable and workable solution to your problem.

We provide affordable payment plans in order to meet your requirements


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