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Debt Review Removal

We understand that being under debt review can be an overwhelming and stressful experience. Many factors can affect the debt review process and make it difficult to meet the deadlines needed by your creditors that often keep you trapped under debt review. By using our services and debt review removal solution, you can focus on your life goals while we help you prepare your extraordinary credit score.

We are here to help you get your credit status back on track. 

Our aim is to improve the credit status of every day South Africans by providing you with

  • Debt Review Removal
  • Debt Review Clearance
  • Negative entries (Eg. Judgements, Defaults and Traces) removed from your credit report
  • Cleared old debts or Prescribed accounts to save you money
  • Provide you with a Credit Report and ITC Clearance 


We have abundant experience in removing negative debt review markers that may have been wrongly placed against your name, while ensuring that all our processes are both legal and ethical with your confidentiality of highest importance. We can get you out of almost any sticky debt situation.

Debt Review Clearance

It is normal to have concerns about your credit report, especially  if it has old debt review makers reflecting and those uncleared debt review makers are preventing you from enjoying life to the fullest. Our team of specialists can help identify any debt review errors or any other negative markers affecting your credit rating and assist in correcting them so that you can start enjoying the benefits of better credit.

There is no doubt that going under debt review will seriously affect your credit profile and reduce your score with the various credit bureaus. It is a long road to repair your credit score after debt review but it can be done. Legally you can not take on any new debt while still under review.

Once you agree to undergo debt review, the National Credit Regulator notifies all credit bureaux that you are under debt review. You will not be allowed or able to take on any new debt until all your debt (with the exception of your bond or home loan) is paid off. That means you cannot take out car finance, a personal loan or a store account, nor can you extend the credit available on your credit card or overdraft.

Debt review flag is not automatically removed from your profile and requires a professional such as Remove Debt Review to have the flag removed. 

Remove Debt Review specialises in debt review removal. Our skilled and friendly team has years of experience in dealing with Credit Bureau Clearance and Debt Counsellors, which means that we know the right approach that will get you results. Your Remove Debt Review Team will handle the stress of dealing with debt review removal while we navigate you towards a great credit score in the  credit market and you will gain financial confidence once again. Your debt problems should not define your future.


Remove Debt Review provides every day South Africans with a simple and concise solution to their debt issues because your credit status has a huge effect on your life. Our mission is therefore to help assist South Africans on how to improve their credit status so that they are never left behind or out of the credit market. Because at Remove Debt Review we understand that finance creates freedom.

Vision and Goals

Our aim and vision is to equip South Africans who have struggled, or are struggling, with debt and debt review issues by providing the financial knowledge needed to get out of debt and manage their finances in an effective and efficient manner that will keep them debt free and stress free.


We value . 

  1. Client Centricity. 
  2. Teamwork. 
  3. Innovation. 
  4. Confidentiality.
  5. Respect.

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