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Being under debt review can be a stressful experience when it fails due to many unforeseen factors. What’s worst is having Debt Review against your name when you didn’t even formally apply to be placed in the process. Debt Review can make simple tasks like getting a cell phone or even applying for your dream job out of reach.

There is no doubt that going under debt review will seriously affect your credit profile and reduce your score with the various credit bureaus. It is a long road to repair your credit score after debt review but it can be done. Legally you can not take on any new debt while still under review.

Once you agree to undergo debt review, the National Credit Regulator notifies all credit bureaux that you are under debt review. You will not be allowed or able to take on any new debt until all your debt (with the exception of your bond or home loan) is paid off. That means you cannot take out car finance, a personal loan or a store account, nor can you extend the credit available on your credit card or overdraft.

Debt review flag is not automatically removed from your profile and requires a professional such as Remove Debt Review to have the flag removed. 

You shouldn’t remain excluded from the advantages that others have if you have :

Wrongly been placed under debt review.

Paid up all your accounts that was under debt review.

No longer over-indebted and can afford to pay all your debt at the normal installments each month.

After that we will work hand in hand to make sure you are removed from Debt Review.

Kindly note we are not in the business of removing consumers from Debt Review where the process is working for them and they are paying each month.

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