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We are people trying to help people in simple terms.

We for too long have seen consumers in bad positions and have a passion for assisting and fighting for the underdog. How can it be that the very system there to help people is the same system that is causing you the consumer so much pain and discomfort. We believe it is your right to have a fair chance in the credit market and not to be prejudiced by someone’s bad advice and or actions. Getting professional and straight forward advice is important for you to move forward in your financial future.

Let us through our professional network assist you to start over and make the right choices, we are here every step of the way to guide and assist you.

“For many years I couldn’t get any loans, I didn’t know why. I asked Get Me Out to look into the problem. They found I was listed by a company that I had paid up long ago. They removed it from my name and I can now get loans and live a normal life. My family and I cannot thank you enough.”


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